Free Software for Camera Club Competitons

Welcome to Camera Club Software. This website provides some free software for any camera club or photographic society to use for digital projected image competitions.


The software is called pictures.


It runs on Windows and is free to download and use.


I wrote it and refined it over the last few years for use at my club

(Gloucester Camera Club)

and if any other clubs can use it you are most welcome.


Basically it is a slide show but it is adapted for use in a judged competiton, so you can award scores, see thumbnails, hide images, create a judges preview and generally take the work out of running a projected digital image competiton. For more information please have a look at the manual.


I have done my best to make it as simple to use as possible and to reduce the operator workload to the bare minimum.


I hope you find it useful.


Mark Kemp (author)


News October 2018 - Pictures has been updated to rev 3.0


This update simplifies the control panel by preselecting which version of scoring is used   (0 to 20 or 1st, 2nd, 3rd) and only showing buttons for that method. It also (at the request of a user) allows the display of scores at the end of a round to be turned on or off.


Note that save files form rev2.7 or earlier are no longer compatible with rev3, you must delete them and save the settings again if you wish to use a previously saved competition.


News February 2017 - Pictures has been updated to version 2.7


This is a smal but useful update. It adds a checkbox on the numeric scoring pad to allow the next image to automatically be shown once a score is given. This just makes life easier for the operator.